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People often ask me what it’s like to write. I tell them the effect of living and breathing your character’s lives is like immersing yourself underwater for an indefinite amount of time. Time being the key word. When I know I’ve captured all the details required, that’s when I come up for air. You got to have a good set of lungs to be a writer.”


Reader’s Favorite Seal.

Hello and welcome. However you’ve come across my website is no matter. The point is you are here. So, pull up your chair, get comfortable, come a little closer, and stay awhile.

I write stories about people who struggle with decisions and conflicts that arise in their lives. I believe every life has a purpose and everyone has a journey to serve others and find their true passion on this earth.

I’ve been blessed with a talent for storytelling from God. It is my obligation to fulfill that responsibility. Come, get lost, and journey with the characters of my stories.

For all that’s been said, let it be done.

Chiara Talluto

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    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for connecting. I checked out your website. At this time, I am not looking for any promotional package on my current book.

      Thank you very much.



  2. Chiara, I had the great pleasure of meeting you today and truly enjoyed our conversation about books. I love your quote at the top of the page under “Welcome.” You have a very nice page. The cover of your book PETRELLA really grabs my attention. The storyline is intriguing, too. I wish you all the best with your future writings!
    Pamala J, BookLady’s Book Attic

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