In the new world of Yemell where kingdoms and governments reign and control man and animal, one courageous princess flees the sea, risking her life to escape the immoral associations with her kingdom to follow her heart in search of true love.

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Part 1: Deceptive Renewal

Calendar Year: 2041 A.D.

Earth was in a perilous state. There was idolatry, greed, and apathy among the humans. God was angry with the world.

Thousands of years earlier, He brought the flood, and promised never again to bring another flood to the land, nor destroy all the living creatures. But, many, many years passed, and things on Earth had worsened once again. God warned the humans to change their evil ways, but no one heeded his command.

And so, on a sunny Friday afternoon, a large silver sword with an ivory handle cut through the clouds and sliced the Earth in half. The skies darkened and it had become night; all the water shifted and drained from the land. There were quakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions; many animals and humans perished. It took years, many years, to rebuild the world.

The Earth was no more and Yemell evolved. In this new world, there were two forms of life: those that lived on land, the surviving humans and animals; and those that lived in the water, creatures of the sea and a new species, the Gillians. They had human-like heads and torsos, fish-like tails, and could breathe through their noses as well as gills located on the sides of their ribs.

God was very pleased with his new creation. More than anything, He wanted the Humans and Gillians to love each other and live harmoniously. However, neither species cared for one another because secretly they each wanted to be the superior species on Yemell.

Land and water kingdoms arose; governments were established, and covenants and laws were enacted to help maintain order. Together, the Gillians and the Humans just coexisted on Yemell, as man and animals had done before on Earth.

God reluctantly accepted their plan of coexistence; one without interaction, and without love for one another. And so, He gave the Humans and Gillians Five Rules they had to adhere to in order to live freely on Yemell.

He made it clear that if any of these rules were not followed, great hatred and animosity would follow, eventually resulting in Yemell’s self-destruction.

To be continued…


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