“Inspiration doesn’t just happen on a whim. It takes persistent, focused, inspiration.”

Chiara Talluto is an avid reader, philanthropist, conservative, and energetic outdoors-type who dreams of owning a Harley and one day riding across the country feeling the wind whip across her face and tangling all of her brown hair. But until then, she is content on being a stay-at-home mom raising her two active young daughters and practicing wife to her wonderful and supportive husband.

Chiara began writing poems and keeping a journal at the age of eleven. Her love for the written word was sparked by reading the Nancy Drew series and Hardy Boys books. It wasn’t until her late teens when she discovered Danielle Steele novels that she began her hand at short stories. She continued writing as much as she could even through a prosperous career as a Human Resources recruiter, and then an Instructional Designer. While she received awards and accolades for her accomplishments, and her work responsibilities grew, Chiara began to devote less and less time to her joy of writing. Soon, her creativity began to suffer. It wasn’t until after much soul-searching and some tough decision-making that she finally left corporate world to start writing full-time.

Chiara often tells people, “I have two addictions: reading and writing. I feel restless and empty when I can’t read fiction, write my deepest thoughts in my journal, or even write down story ideas. Writing calms me, centers me, and provides a healthy outlet to my communication of imaginary friends.”

Currently, she is hard at work on her third novel, as well as penning short stories that somehow cross her mind and must be put into words. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, writing in her journal, and playing mommy to her kids. She lives with her family in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL. Her motto: Live, laugh, and cry.