No, I haven’t cheated on my husband. Well, maybe a short rendezvous.

What? You say.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve had an affair—not with “whom,” but with “what”.

NOTE: Read at your own discretion.

Words. Yes, you’ve read correctly. I’ll say it again… Words. An affair with letters that consumed me, excited me, and then tore me to pieces. This all comes about because a few weeks ago, I finally finished editing and re-editing my second novel, Make it Right; Make it Matter. Eliminating almost 1, 700 words in the 83,000 word manuscript. Like a roller coaster, I returned, again and again. Frightened and nervous in the beginning; but elated and satisfied of the results at the end.

So, why do I put myself through this? The euphoria of creating something out of nothing is what drives me to continually perfect my craft.

It’s like this. A photographer takes a picture. This particular photograph has the potential of invoking thousands of images in one’s mind. On the other hand, a writer weaves a compelling story, taking that individual on an imaginative journey conjuring all sorts of emotions.

In an age of social media, however, where most everything is “words”. Sometimes, too many words numb our sensation to really feel. So don’t cheat.

Whether you Tango or do the Cha-Cha dance, speak truth in words, and carefully review what you wish to express because words are a “universal” visual means of communication.

Until next time…

Be well. Be safe. Be happy.