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Thank you for stopping by. Looking to have a “real” author come out to your school and talk about the writing process, character development, revision and editing, and the publishing industry. Invite me! Discussions can be catered to your students.

Looking to change up your book club meetings? Invite me!

Have a local bookstore and want to drive more business? Consider having me speak to your patrons.

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  1. I am a librarian with the Oswego Public Library District. I would love to send you an invitation to our 4th annual Literary Festival. Could you provide a regular email address so I attach some information? Thank you.

  2. Dear Chiara,

    I am Cecilia Negri, a professional translator and founder of, a website about Italian culture and translations.

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  3. Hi Chiara,
    I saw your article in Christ is Our Hope Magazine. Congratulations on your success and happy family. I will pray for your gift to continue to grow. Please pray for my writing as well. I am writing a series of novels about the Mysteries of the Rosary.

    Best of luck,

    • Hi Mark,

      Pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for those encouraging words. The writing road is pebbled with thorns, but we persevere. It’s all for Him. I love that you are writing about Mary, and the mysteries of the Rosary. Let’s connect on FB and Twitter. Very much success to you as well.



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