My heart is ablaze, my soul is on fire.

  • An earthquake of 6.2 magnitude struck central Italy. Hundreds have perished.
  • Flooding and devastation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • Hate crimes against Police.
  • Constant shootings and killings in neighborhoods.
  • Lawmaker support for abortion and late-term abortion procedures rampage. Click here to see the number of abortions performed daily and worldwide on any given day.
  • Corruption and deception in politics everywhere.

Everything seems to be going to pot, lately.

What’s the matter, World?

Why is there no value on human life anymore?

Every day, I read various online newsfeeds. On this particular day, I get up from my chair in the office and grab a soda. I’m in need something to zap me out of my rapid feeling of depression-away from the madness and sorrow enveloping our world.

I return, set my Coke can on the desk, and continue reading. Distracted, I open the top. Something silvery catches my eye. It is then that I notice the following words etched on the side of the can: “It’s a beautiful life”.

Huh? Really?

Are these words…A diamond of hope in sand filled with sin?

Many won’t cry out, even though they are hurting. But for those few who do, this prayer is for you. Because today and every day, we need to cry out to God…

Dear Lord,

I’m listening. It’s been awhile. You’ve been calling me and it seems like I’ve been getting farther and farther away. But now you’ve pushed me to my knees and I’m here now. Yes, I believe life is beautiful. You see, I have air in my lungs, eyes to see, and a tongue to speak. YOU gave me life. “It’s a beautiful life”.

I know the world is not perfect. Only YOU. Give me courage to do what is right for you. Give me courage to be what is right, and give me courage to live fully, sharing your love with others.

Help all those who are hurting and suffering today. Take away their anxiety, take away their pain, show them who you are.

Thank you for all you have done for me. Thy will be done for YOU.

In Jesus name we pray.


Today’s inspirational music is by Third Day: Cry out to Jesus. Watch the video…