Love’s Perfect Surrender:

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Love’s Perfect Surrender by Chiara Talluto relates the woes of Antoinette and Vito’s marriage, and their dreams of having a family. They experience many disappointments, along with occasional joy, and eventually embark on the path to parenthood. After much longing they are blessed with little Isabella. She changes their lives completely with her determination and her sparkling personality. Her handicap does not deter her in exploring life and loving relationships. She teaches her parents just as much as they do her. Time passes and her sparkling spirit enables Antoinette and Vito to overlook their abysmal opinion of each other. Can they begin to let go of antagonism and unrealistic expectations?

This is a beautifully written story that highlights the damage that can be caused by hateful thinking, but also reveals what amazing changes can occur when there is an attitude change. Forgiveness and perseverance are key, and this tale exhibits the many emotions felt in the process of rebuilding relationships, while growing in the role of parents of a physically challenged child. Isabella is a delightful child, who brings new life into her parents’ lives. Definitely a tear-jerker.

I truly enjoyed this story. I fell in love with Isabella and Antoinette. I could cheerfully have strangled Vito at times, but he eventually learns how blessed he is to have a wife such as Antoinette. In other words – he grows up. The difficulties they experienced throughout their marriage could justify some of the damage within their marriage, but more than that, they learn a great deal from the time they become Isabella’s parents. Her spirit grows within their hearts, as they learn acceptance, patience and forgiveness. A beautiful story that proves love really does overcome all adversity, if you allow it into your heart. I highly recommend this book for all ages.

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The author has a lovely writing voice, very melodic and enchanting, a fine pairing to the story. She has a mastery of showing the layers of the story–not simply telling–including lots of fine detail such as textures in scene items, scene-setting and intricacies, and especially sensory descriptions that bring the story to life. We also get tremendous emotion, such as the heaviness of grief and the brightness of hope. Excellent talent with emotion and expression. So well done.

Dialogue is always realistic and true to the timing of the story, in great differentiation between characters. Dialogue especially advances the story well. One thing the author does very well is pauses in dialogue, the taking of a breath, the pregnant pauses that happen in real dialogue and in real emotional exchanges. Excellent talent here. Chapters transition well without any trace of awkward jumps or cliché questions. Nicely done.

I was drawn to this book as someone who struggled with infertility issues in my own marriage and was impressed by the authenticity expressed by the author. Antoinette and Vito’s marriage is portrayed realistically but in a way that was not heavy handed or depressing. This is a spiritual book and there was a sense of hope throughout that with faith, things would be as they should. The best part for me as a reader was that I was immediately drawn to the characters, rooting for them to catch a break and find the peace and happily ever after they were searching for. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a thoughtful read which will remind them in the power of faith and love. ~ Author, Amalie Jahn.

I did read it and I enjoyed it! (Must have been hard for you to write all the sad things that happened to your characters!) I have experienced many of the issues they dealt with, either in my own life or with close family or friends. Congratulations on turning some wide-ranging research into attention-grabbing fiction. Keep writing!” ~ Dr. P. Naperville, IL. 12/19/14.

A friend recommended this book to me and I was soon fascinated, but not as much by the plot as by the characters. Toni, Antoinette, actually, and her husband Vito, have so many problems that it seems impossible that they could ever solve them, especially because Vito doesn’t recognize his failings and is extremely unreasonable. Toni is a 21st century woman and he’s a guy right out of the 19th century. They seem so far apart in all their attitudes, and her inability to have children brings out the worst in Vito. He’s overly concerned with his lineage and not really interested in having a family to love, so much so that he wouldn’t even consider adoption and Toni couldn’t proceed alone. So, it’s a tribute to the amazing skills of this author that she made me care about Vito and hold on the hope that he would somehow redeem himself. And, when Toni eventually has a daughter, a miracle in itself, Vito becomes a good dad to Isabella, showing that he can change and become a better man. I also loved the author’s portrayal of a child with special spiritual/psychic gifts–and of the priest who seems to understand the child. The priest is also a rock for Toni. As a reader, I was happy when Toni and Vito were able to fulfill a yearning for a rich family life, even after a terrible tragedy. I was glad I hadn’t given up on Vito. Of course, neither did Antoinette, and her perseverance added to the reward for the reader as well as for the characters. I especially enjoy stories that take place over a long period of time, and this one kept me turning the pages. I’m curious about Talluto’s next book. As an aside, the book has a very beautiful cover!” Date: 9/24/14. By Virginia McCullough, bestselling author and ghost writer at

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Reviewer, Jessica Cage, said, “Be prepared for a tear jerker.”