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From the Author’s Desk: If my character, Antoinette Libero could sing, this would be her anthem…

Write Your Story” by Francesca Battistelli.

Can true love come full circle for Antoinette and Vito when they learn to surrender all their expectations?

Thirty-eight year old ANTOINETTE LIBERO’S life is at a crossroad. Her plans for a family are shattered. Unable to bear children, her husband, VITO, wants out. The stress and pressure of trying to conceive has been a major issue in their nine-year marriage. Hoping to salvage what’s left of their eroding relationship, Antoinette seeks the help of their Pastor, FATHER ROBERT O’MALLEY.

Plagued by disappointments, Vito is ready to ask for a divorce when she miraculously becomes pregnant. With renewed hope, Antoinette is determined to mend her faulty marriage to her husband.

During the pregnancy, complications threaten the fetus if gone to term. Against the doctor’s orders to do any further testing, Antoinette forges ahead with the baby in her womb. Will her husband change his mind and be able to remain in the marriage for the sake of the child?

In the meantime, their relationship continues to teeter on unstable ground, and Father Robert encourages the Liberos to attend weekly sessions with him; challenging them to focus on rebuilding their union as they prepare for the birth.

They fortunately bear a daughter, ISABELLA LOUISE, who’s born with a Congenital Limb Deficiency, and this puts more tension on the already strained bond between them.

Can the Liberos put aside their differences and individual perceptions, raise a physically challenged child, and rebuild their broken union at the same time?

***Just for you***An excerpt of the first few pages of Chapter 1. Click here.