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Reviewed by Michelle Randall for Readers’ Favorite.

In life, we are dealt things and experiences that in turn shape us and make us into who and what we are. In Amanda’s life, she allowed her mother turning into a drunk when her father died to cause anger in her, and she refused to ever forgive her mother. When her older brother, who had always taken care of her, died of leukemia, she allowed her grief to take over and encourage her sense of abandonment. Even after finding and marrying a wonderful man and having two beautiful daughters, she still turned to alcohol to cope with the world. A short sober stint only proved that there were deeper issues that she needed to deal with. Make It Right; Make It Matter is the title of the book, taken from the last words that Joshua ever said to his sister, Amanda. It took her a lot of searching and travel to discover that she was worthy of life, love, and mattering to people. Author Chiara Talluto gives the reader a realistic tale of someone searching for a purpose, for validation that they mean something, that they are worth more than just being left or abandoned.
Make It Right; Make It Matter by Chiara Talluto is a well written tale of the past and present, of what was going on that made Amanda turn to alcohol and feel worthless, and why she is searching for resolve and to be better. In the past, the reader can see hints of themselves and people they know, they find something to take away from the story that makes them pause and think about their own life. Author Chiara Talluto paints a wonderful picture with her words and challenges readers as they enjoy the book. I can think of four people to pass it on to, and I am sure all of them will get something completely different from this book. I recommend mostly adult reading because there are adult themes, but in this day and age there are a number of teenagers dealing with these same issues.

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