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Olympics and Being a Semi-Finalist

So, we are several days into the Winter Olympics that are being held in PyeongChang, South Korea. Our family watched the opening ceremonies where they showcased all the athletes from all the participating countries in the world. My daughters were so excited to see all the men and women who were going to be competing.

My younger daughter had a great question. She asked, “Hey Momma, are all the sports people gonna win a gold medal?”

I replied, “No. Not all will win the gold medal. You see, they have to compete with each other in different categories, such as figure skating, curling, snow boarding, etc. The best athlete for that sport will win.”

She then turned to me and said. “Why do they look so happy to be there if they aren’t all going to win the gold medal?”

And to this, I said. “Because this is a once in a lifetime experience. Not all athletes get to go to the Olympics. And, even if they don’t win. At least they got to experience something so incredible.”

My child pondered this for a moment and then nodded in agreement.

I realize the importance of explaining to my children that competition is healthy and to be the best, one has to put in the effort. Just like a chef who prepares an elegant meal, a seamstress who designs and fits a perfect gown on a bride, a carpenter who prides himself on building a solid home, and writer who labors each and every day to create the perfect prose.

It is why I write. To bring a character and their story to life.

And so, I wanted to share some great news.  I am one of the 19 semi-finalists for the “Soon to be Famous Illinois Author Project” for my book, Love’s Perfect Surrender.  I was nominated by Schaumburg Township District Library. It is an honor to be nominated. Winners will be announced in mid-March. Regardless of if I win or not, I am grateful for the experience and be in a group of wonderfully, talented writers. Here’s the link:

In the end, it’s not our destination that makes us who we are, but rather it’s the journey and the people we meet and interact along the way.




  1. Leonarda Di Serio

    February 15, 2018 at 1:11 pm

    Congratulations Sister! I’m so happy for you. You put forth so much dedication and creativness into what you do. It’s truly your passion to be a writer. As always, I look forward to reading your stories and the next chapters to come…

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