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Petrella, the Gillian Princess is a fairytale with a bit of a new twist that takes readers on an emotional adventure, and involves issues such as love and hate, child/parental relationships, a moral dilemma, and fantasy adventure. This creative fairytale will appeal to young adult girls, ages 8-12, most likely. The charming pencil illustrations included at the back were drawn by the authors own daughters. You child can be encouraged to draw their own characters from the book!”


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I take my hat off to Chiara Talluto; she has penned a fairy tale brimming with emotions… love and hate, happy and sad, greed and generosity, give and take and so much more. Yemell is a world of two races, Man and Gillian, with strict rules established to keep the races apart from each other. Princess Petrella is torn between obeying her father and her love for a Man.
Petrella, the Gillian Princess is a heart-felt story that will surely appeal to boys and girls probably between the ages of eight to twelve. The book can be read to younger children of course. I am certain that adults reading the story to their children will also smile while reading certain segments. Chiara has wisely designed this book as a teaching tool with a glossary and follow-up questions. She has also included artwork drawn by her children and she encourages all children to read, write and draw as well.
Petrella, the Gillian Princess by Chiara Talluto, a fairy tale with a new twist, is a great gift for the holidays or anytime. Put a smile on a child’s face today. Give him or her the gift of reading, a skill that is guaranteed to enrich for a lifetime. Chiara, keep writing; you’re doing a wonderful job.”

Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite.

Petrella, the Gillian Princess by Chiara Talluto is a fantasy for pre-teens. Princess Petrella, a kind-hearted Gillian, is devastated because her strict father, King Hermas of the Anglon Kingdom, intends to marry her to Batavia, an obnoxious Gillian prince who will eventually inherit the underwater kingdom. Petrella dislikes this arrangement and yearns for true love after listening to her mother’s stories.

She defies her father by swimming to the land where humans live. Princess Petrella befriends Finerd, a handsome, understanding man to whom she becomes attracted. She is unaware that Prince Batavia followed her and he is upset that Petrella has rejected him. Batavia places her life and the Kingdom of Anglon in serious jeopardy because Gillians are forbidden to interact with humans.

If you liked reading The Little Mermaid, then you will appreciate this cute story. Although Petrella, the Gillian Princess had certain similarities to the popular children’s fable, Chiara Talluto wrote a slightly different spin into her story, especially with its ending.

The author also teaches the importance of respecting other people and their cultures. She cleverly demonstrates, through the actions of the princess, what can occur when people are forced to do things against their will. It has nice characters and light descriptive drama. I admire Petrella’s strong-willed personality and ideals, which she stood up for despite the repercussions. Petrella, the Gillian Princess is a very short fantasy by Chiara Talluto.

This book will be ideal for school libraries and will make a very quick bedtime story.”

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Reviewed by Rosemary Kuhn, author of several children’s books published by Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. Check out her website here.

I very much enjoyed reading Chiara Talluto’s Petrella, the Gillian Princess story. I have a ten year old godchild and can’t wait to read it with her. I know she will love it, too. The book is colorful with its diverse characters resembles a fairy tale in that it has a deeper moral to teach beyond just the entertainment of a child’s imagination. Children can learn respect and tolerance of others and the determination to follow one’s own heart. Parents can learn that each child is an individual with hopes and dreams and we must not force our children into a mold or try to make carbon copies of ourselves. Nor should anyone try to live out their own dream through their children.

I wish Chiara much success in her writing endeavors. I also hope that her daughters continue to illustrate for future books. The pictures are so bright and fun and children will relate to them well. It was a fun experience all around to read  Petrella, the Gillian Princess.

Reviewed by Lisa from Illinois.

If you enjoy science fiction and fairytales, you may be enticed by Petrella, the Gillian Princess by Chiara Talluto. The target audience is pre-teen females, but could interest others. The beginning is much like The Little Mermaid where a loving mermaid princess Petrella becomes burdened with grief when her father, the king betroths her to Batavia, an arrogant prince and forbids her from visiting the sea surface where she has been admiring and later falls in love with a human.

The king is dying and desperately wants to leave the kingdom with a strong heir who will one day inherit his kingdom. Petrella is determined to make her own destiny. After being caged by her father, she escapes and soon finds her life in danger. Soon the future of both the land and the sea will be changed as the story evolves and unfolds twists and turns that will grip the attention of young readers. “I received an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.”