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“Give the gift of love that doesn’t just melt in your mouth, but feeds your imagination. Give the gift of a good story!”

Click on the sub-pages for completed reviews on:

A. Love’s Perfect Surrender – Christian Fiction

B. Make it Right; Make it Matter – Women’s Fiction

C. Petrella, the  Gillian Princess – Middle Grade Fairytale



  1. Petrella, the Gillian Princess is a fairytale with a bit of a new twist that takes readers on an emotional adventure, and involves issues such as love and hate, child/parental relationships, a moral dilemma, and fantasy adventure. This creative fairytale will appeal to young adult girls, ages 8-12, most likely. The charming pencil illustrations included at the back were drawn by the authors own daughters. You child can be encouraged to draw their own characters from the book!

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