I love March. The days start getting longer, and the snow is thawing. Finally! Something about spring that gives me the sense of rebirth and recharge. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy winter from the comforts of my home, watching the little snowflakes cascade from the sky on a cold wintry night. But, this winter was a tough one for my family in terms of sicknesses.

Both my daughters got the flu, not once, but twice this last season, and that’s not including myself. This past week being no exception. Like colds, the flu has to finish its course and work through the whole body, taking the time needed to heal.

I did a lot of reflecting during the waiting of the “healing time” with my four-year-old, and then again with my six-year-old. There I was in the wee hours of the night holding each of them, dozing on and off in the stillness of the house where everything is quiet, except the breathing of a little precious child in your arms, and the beating of my aching, sympathetic heart.

I’ve been on a roller coaster lately with my writing. Pushing myself to finish editing the second novel, Make it Right; Make it Matter, getting it into shape to send off to my editor, who will wonderfully cut it up and shred it pieces. It’s what I want of course. But, I’ve also been trying to market and promote Love’s Perfect Surrender on social media and pursuing venues for book signings. All that coupled with being a full-time mom, has left me quite exhausted.

What’s my rush? Why am I constantly racing to beat a deadline that I’ve created? Why do I put myself through so much pressure? You can well imagine the countless other thoughts that have swirled in my brain, watching the clock tick on my nightstand.

As I concentrated on taking care of my children’s needs and cuddling them with a blanket, it all started to make sense. God removed the chaos that was taking over the priorities in my life by having not one, but both of my kids sick in the same week. And now me. Some will argue… “Come on, your children got just got a bug, and passed it to one another.” Yes, I totally agree with that. Small children; constant sicknesses. But, I also believe things happen for a reason. God put the brakes. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters (Psalm 23:2) He sat me down and planted me. Rooting me deep in the soil, taking my focus off myself and into my family where I am needed.

This morning I heard this song by a Christian band called Sanctus Real. The song is called, “Whatever you’re doing.” Take a listen on Youtube. It spoke to me. Slow down. Everything has its proper timing and place. This too shall pass in a few days. Until then, I must rest and recharge.

Call it an epiphany? A coincidence?  An act of God? I know what I know. I heard you, Lord. You’re free to make your own impressions.

“If it takes a small being to move a stubborn heart, then so be it.”

Reference: The King James Bible Online: