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Permission to Celebrate a Milestone


One year ago today, Love’s Perfect Surrender was launched. There was no confetti, no balloons, or even a champagne toast. I was exhausted and relieved it was over. What do you mean by it, you ask? The process: countless hours working with my editor and graphic designer, editing and proofing the novel (product) to make sure it was perfect and ready for the world to read.

My exhaustion thankfully turned into an adrenaline-induced fever after that launch. Why? Because even though the product was finished, it still had to get in the hands of the readers. I got right into the trenches, setting up author book signings and launch parties, even selling the books out of the trunk of my car. My motto: Every encounter is an opportunity to discuss your book(s).

In the beginning, the fruits of my labor were few and far between. But, I kept at it. As I gained momentum, I sent out newsletter (at least once a quarter, as I currently do through my email list), created a website, and started blogging all sorts of topics that came across my mind. It was writing and I was building my following.

And then the reviews starting coming in, and I started connecting with my readers, and learning what they liked and not liked about the story, and in some cases, how it impacted their lives. That’s when I began to smile.

In the meantime, my Amazon ranking and online books sales teetered between okay and mediocre at times. I understand number of units sold and overall rankings matter to the publishing world, but I convinced myself to focus on the number of people this story touched instead.

Today, I’m a published author. I’m still the same person I was yesterday, the day before, and tomorrow. I haven’t become a bestseller yet, and frankly that’s okay. Everything in its own time. I am grateful, and my cup overflows with other things besides the books I write.

Having said that, I’m confident I have done my best this year in branding myself as a Christian writer. There is always a lot more to do, and I will take up that challenge to do so. I know Love’s Perfect Surrender will get in the hands of those who need it most.

For now, I want to wish Love’s Perfect Surrender a happy first birthday. And this time, I have in my hand a glass of champagne. Cheers to you…

God willing, a new novel is in the works and is coming. Her name will be Make it Right; Make it Matter.

Until next time…


  1. Happy 1st Birthday!! Can’t believe a year has
    gone by. So happy for all that you have achieved
    and will continue to do.
    Looking forward to reading the second novel.

  2. Thank you, Lucy for supporting me on this journey. I truly appreciate. Stay well.

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